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Sea Poem: Sea Quenching by S.E.Acton

Black Ven/ May 26, 2017/ poem, poetry, sea/ 0 comments

  Slipping on ice-steel socks, sinking into shingled thoughts;- I’m iron-blood dripped into shimmering depths. Sword legs glide through long ago relics, and washed clean, my heavy junk falls to the seabed, foaming into stories; as sea-sprites wait for answers below, calling.

Rowing and Writing

Black Ven/ May 20, 2016/ writing life/ 0 comments

You can’t be a writer unless you write, engage, focus, toil. And endure. Endurance is something I’ve been thinking about a lot in the last few months. Rowing in the World Pilot Gig Championships at the start of this month in the Scillies I thought about what massive commitment it takes to be one of the better teams, whilst smarting

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