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Ebb and Flow: on reading to write, and poetry

Black Ven/ July 1, 2016/ poetry, writing life/ 0 comments

All writers learn by reading to write. It’s study journeying into the deep art of the beast. The more we read, the more we develop style, learn from the craft of those who went before us. Through reading we stretch our imaginations to grasp the visual experience of being a reader. We cannot write unless we understand the needs and

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Rowing and Writing

Black Ven/ May 20, 2016/ writing life/ 0 comments

You can’t be a writer unless you write, engage, focus, toil. And endure. Endurance is something I’ve been thinking about a lot in the last few months. Rowing in the World Pilot Gig Championships at the start of this month in the Scillies I thought about what massive commitment it takes to be one of the better teams, whilst smarting

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