Wildwriting! Dorset

Wildwriting! means writing outdoors.

This simple activity stimulates new ideas, helps with nature connection and wellbeing, and offers fun and easy ways to get creative outdoors quickly. I have found when teaching, and for my own writing, that spending time outdoors and thinking and writing in nature encourages creative flow using all of the senses, and tunes me into the world and my imagination. Suddenly I am part of something bigger, this helps me put things inside my head into perspective better!

Wildwriting is commissioned by Activate as part of the micro-commissions programme in partnership with Stepping into Nature.

Get in Touch!

We’d love to hear and share your ‘wild’ words so please get in touch, and we’d also be very grateful for any feedback to help us develop the project content and resources further.

Here is our email: wildwriting@activateperformingarts.org.uk

In fact the words ‘wild + writing’ capture the energy and process of how I’ve been working for years as an educator, and in my own creative practice. I’m a landscape poet, and this project is a way for me to share tips and guidance from my workshops and years of facilitation with organisations to help increase and develop creative process for all ages. The activity is all about intention, and includes listening, encourages nature connection through time outdoors, opens up creative flow, and explores emotional connection and relationship to landscape and nature and self in a way that is fun and accessible.

With nature themes and earth love…

How to get Wildwriting!

There are six free activities. These are available as worksheets that you can download as pdfs with audio clips and also videos. Each activity will take between 10-20 minutes, or longer if you want to take your time.

We encourage everyone to take part, no matter your age or ability, the benefits of taking part can be felt by everyone. Due to their flexibility the activities are particularly suitable for people with lower mobility, living with health conditions such as dementia and care partners. Friends have also enjoyed using Wildwriting! activities with both older and younger family members.

Wildwriting! Dorset activities are available here:


Do you like the new Wildwriting! artwork by Rik Rawling?

I love it. I’m thrilled to work with Rik again. Rik has hand drawn this stunning fossil ink for the Wildwriting! project, along side two other ammonite fossil illustrations. Another is the stunning ammonite in my main Black Ven Poetry logo…they are detailed and utterly delight me everytime I see them. Thank you Rik!

You can see more of Rik’s work on his website here:


Thank you! BV

Email: wildwriting@activateperformingarts.org.uk