Retreat participant March 2019:

“Thank you Sarah for such an amazing and inspiring experience. The retreat surpassed my expectations. It was a very special time and place, one that enabled me to move forwards in my exploration of opening up my creative side, to start to trust and see what happens.

You have a unique way of working and the combination of nurture and nature to release the creative word was successful and deeply appreciated.
Your words and thoughts and your curious and supportive style really supported this process with a light touch and a thoughtful mind. “

and from another retreat participant 2019:

“Sarah was exceptional, patient and kind providing us with lots of lyrical opportunities to create and share in a supportive and joyful atmosphere.”

From recent poetry workshops:

“Many thanks for yesterday’s poetry workshop. It was well organised and very enjoyable, and it far exceeded my expectations.”

“Amazing how much you fitted into two hours and so nourishing and inspiring – I loved it!”

“Skillful as a Blacksmith at the fire of inspiration, beautifully grounded and utterly inspiring, thank you!”

from a teacher at Exeter College following guest workshop to students:

“The pleasure was all ours I can assure you.  Like rain and frost polishing rocks and cliffs, your judicious exercises got through our  uncertainties and generalities; they enabled the group to reach deeper and bring back well observed snapshots, unexpected correlations, playful combinations which culminated in strong, moving, authentic poems – all this in one morning only!”

from recent poetry walks:

“My first poetry walk, the feeling was so different from listening indoors and gave me further knowledge about the coastline.”

“This walk stretched my imagination and made me think about nature and words”

“A wonderful experience”