Nature Poem: Tree Talk by S.E Acton

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This tree spoke into the evening haze, bridging boundary breezes, talking in and out of clamouring leaves. Its cloak the length of light, depth of dark, walking between breaths and the waking hunger’s spark, as grown centuries lullabied progress. This tree called us to once-known wonders, pressed weightless time into its bone pile, absorbed our surrender into Saturn’s rings –

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Sea Poem: Sea Quenching by S.E.Acton

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  Slipping on ice-steel socks, sinking into shingled thoughts;- I’m iron-blood dripped into shimmering depths. Sword legs glide through long ago relics, and washed clean, my heavy junk falls to the seabed, foaming into stories; as sea-sprites wait for answers below, calling.

Black Ven monthly poetry workshops

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Monthly two hour poetry workshops exploring  creative ideas to develop poetry on the page and on stage. A series of practical workshops to inspire you by exploring poetry themes, form and composition, deep listening and responses to nature. Plus practical exercises to assist with performance and sharing your work including: microphone use, breath, and voice control. Email for more details

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poem: Old Soul

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Another week passes and I read, write…but what? no dreams? No. I am dreamless this week. A state of routine daily grind and I can’t remember my last dream. It may have been months ago. Where have they gone? I wrote this poem this week. My new poetry pamphlet: Snakestone (Poems from the Cliffside III) will follow soon! Once I

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Ebb and Flow: on reading to write, and poetry

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All writers learn by reading to write. It’s study journeying into the deep art of the beast. The more we read, the more we develop style, learn from the craft of those who went before us. Through reading we stretch our imaginations to grasp the visual experience of being a reader. We cannot write unless we understand the needs and

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