poem: Old Soul

Another week passes and I read, write…but what? no dreams?

No. I am dreamless this week. A state of routine daily grind and I can’t remember my last dream. It may have been months ago. Where have they gone?

I wrote this poem this week. My new poetry pamphlet: Snakestone (Poems from the Cliffside III) will follow soon!

Poem:Old Soul, picture taken by me in a Brixham pub
Poem: Old Soul

Once I knew a whale, He,

priest of high holy offerings,

diving in submarine cosmology,

dropped pearls like bombs,

preaching whale to whale,

teaching history, beyond religion, carving

mysteries beyond all smallness pale, He,

invisible went beneath the waves.


Once I knew a mermaid, She,

lady of vast dominions

shining meteors, weaving prayer pins

in her hair of submarine cosmos,

dropped shells like bones,

sang seaweed story in drone,

creating alchemy, beyond troubled strategy, shaded

She, invisible went beneath the waves.


Once I knew a fisherman, He,

slipping beneath the hull of

stability, sunk deep into the sea’s fluidity,

gliding fast as winking fish

released the rope that caught him hard, and waking shells

waved coral bells for his passing

before the shipwrecked altar of

submarine cosmos, He, swore an oath

universal sighing harmonies of

organic flow, as He,

invisible went beneath the waves.


And so must we all go.

intertidal by Alex Mackenzie
Old Soul, photo credit Intertidal by Alex Mackenzie

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