Poem for #lovethecoast: Cliff Path

ipad imoprt May 2014 023

It’s our final frontier,
The last boundary of land’s
reach, marked in
lawless sands and pebbles deep –
below us is the beach.

To travel here
Is to seek the brittle edge
Of devotion, a declaration.
Drawn to wild,
Drawn to nature’s steep
curved ledge,
Drawn to Ocean.

Rugged, jagged, haggard
cliffs stand,
and on top, on ancient bones
weglimpse the mystery
ground unchanged by progress’
slowly battered into
yesterday’s history.

Each wave below the rock
is memory present,
passing like years,
swimming across roaming tears
of dreaming desert.

A state of graceful
allows a telescope view
of what we already knew.
Throw a stone,
it tumbles down.
Into the unknown.

(23 July 2015)