with artist Christine Allison at Lyme Regis Museum 2020


this followed three seasons of Tea and Conversations, working with and taking inspiration from selected objects from the collection at Lyme Regis Museum with the fabulous Chris Andrews.

Museum at Home was co-run with artist Christine Allison and devised as an in person creative course connecting to special items in the collection. We switched to online in January 2020 and the project ran for 10 weeks of meetings and making, culminating in an art and project exhibition in May-July 2020. Over 100 people participated and over 40 participants exhibited their work.

I haven’t drawn or written since I was in school, that was over 35 years ago.  To my surprise I have
now written three short stories.  This has only been made possible by joining the project.   The excellent
coaching from Sarah and Christine and objects have given me the confidence to continue to explore my own creativity.

particiapat MaH

I’m really grateful that I have been able to join as the museum is very special to me and the exhibits are like old friends.  I think that one of the unexpected outcomes of doing the project online is that it is removing a level of social isolation as well as building people’s confidence and wellbeing.   It has been excellent and the standard of the teaching is very high.I’ve experienced personal development, just looking back to my first written piece and seeing how I
am improving and learning.

particiant MaH