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Sea Poem: Sea Quenching by S.E.Acton

Black Ven/ May 26, 2017/ poem, poetry, sea/ 0 comments

  Slipping on ice-steel socks, sinking into shingled thoughts;- I’m iron-blood dripped into shimmering depths. Sword legs glide through long ago relics, and washed clean, my heavy junk falls to the seabed, foaming into stories; as sea-sprites wait for answers below, calling.

poem: Old Soul

Black Ven/ July 15, 2016/ poem, poetry, waves/ 0 comments

Another week passes and I read, write…but what? no dreams? No. I am dreamless this week. A state of routine daily grind and I can’t remember my last dream. It may have been months ago. Where have they gone? I wrote this poem this week. My new poetry pamphlet: Snakestone (Poems from the Cliffside III) will follow soon! Once I

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Field recording #1

Black Ven/ June 10, 2016/ meditation, poem, poetry/ 0 comments

field recording#1 Evidence vole carcass perfect laid thrush wraith feathers splayed vibrating frequencies heaving harmonies only immortals see  beyond boundaries -sleight augury! such oracles, We.